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Actualizing Sustainable Development Goals

AFRINET is committed to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in local communities. We have join the universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity

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Leading the Fight for the Abolition of Death Penalty
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African Millennium Development Network
Building Sustainable communities
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Preserving The Natural Environment
helping local communities to have an advanced understanding in matters related to conservation
Promoting Sustainable Farming Practices
We promote agricultural groups with technical and financial assistance to increase harvest
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Empowering Women And Girls
Build Capacity of women and youth groups to become gender sensitive and gender competent as well
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We work for the enhancement of the (SDGs) Sustainable Development Goals so that the least to have same opportunities as the most in our communities


Improve, promote and build strong participatory gender based communities with sustainable development through livelihood and conservation activities, in hard-to-reach rural communities with little opportunities for social empowerment.

What We Do

 We are willing to work with organizations having similar objectives with ours to assist the needy. In community, we can do wonders


Social Justice & Peace

AFRINET is the pioneer NGO to champion the cause of Advocacy for the abolition of death penalty in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon. We are now working to raise awareness and increase membership to properly make our voices heard by lawmakers.

gender violence

Gender Based Violence

Traditions and cultures have designed a barrier against women to excel to greater heights, making them vulnerable hence no access to socioeconomic, political and cultural empowerment. AFRINET is out to advocate against such barriers

Food conservation

Food Security

In some rural areas there is total absence of farm-to-market roads, making marketing of agricultural products very difficult to market. Here, women suffer most to carry food to sell in long distant markets, sometimes at very low cost to avoid food being perish.



Eco-tourists’ interaction with local people via home stays and Eco-lodges allow visitors to experience local lifestyles and customs. We support by Small-scale ecotourism projects to improve on social facilities(health centers, drinkable water)


Kupe Muanenguba Division which is one of the strong hold of AFRINET having  three protected ecological zones with very high endemic species of both fauna and flora hardly to come by in Sub Sahara Africa.

Our Impact

environmental friendly cleaning

We are creating lasting impact in the local communities. We are providing clean water to neighborhoods and preserving the livelihood of the local people through our conservation effort. we are fostering the fight against gender base violence and social injustice .

Our Partners

We are a grass root organization and our partners are both local and international. Due to the scope of our activities, we are in partnership with Local Chiefs an Elites of the various local communities

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